today i learned – fri 31st mar 2017

today’s thing that i went and learned is something that i feel karl pilkington predicted a really long time ago … (if you’ve listened to the early podcasts you’ll probably agree πŸ˜‚).

#tdil that in december of this year (yes, this year) some surgeon dude is planning to attempt the world’s first human head transplant 😳 um what…how ruddy ridiculous is that?! he’s planning to legit take a dude’s head and attached it to another dude’s body!?Β 

right, more details! the crazy scientist (aka neurosurgeon) in question is an italian geezer called dr.sergio canavero. serg is director of the turin advanced neuromodulation group and has been planning this procedure for a real long time … 30 years to be exact.

so, who would volunteer themself for a crazy (but possibly groundbreaking) procedure like this? i’ll tell you who; valery spiridonov, a terminally ill, 31 year old russian computer scientist. valery suffers from a degenerative muscle wasting disease that has rendered him wheelchair bound his entire adult life.

guess-timated to take around 36 hours and involve 150 surgeons, the procedure (if successful) would not only save valery’s life but also considerably improve his quality of life – not to mention revolutionise modern medicine! πŸ€“

“how’s the procedure going to go down? “I hear you shout! alright, to begin they cool valery’s head and the brain dead donor’s body so that it’s colder than stepping out into the arctic. once cooled, they will remove both heads (severing the spinal cord #notidealifyouwanttomove).

so starts the great countdown! surgeons now have just 60 minutes to attach valery’s head to his new body and reattach the spinal cord with a special spinal cord glue πŸ‘πŸ». valery will be placed in a coma for three or four weeks whilst his spinal cord is Β stimulated … that’s so that the spinal nerves start functioning again. see, it’s totally easy 😳

but will it work? how do you even practice? well, serg has been practicing with bananas (#strange) and with real life (living) brain dead individuals … personally, I think this dude would make an excellent cameo in the next outlast πŸ˜…. he’s also tested the procedure on various animals … once he did a monkey and it was deemed a success … even if they did only keep the poor thing alive for 20 hours afterwards 😒 #ripmonkey.

and there you have the basics! πŸ‘πŸ» of course there is more to something mental like this than what i’m going to put in a brief #tdil blog post, so if you’d like to know more you can go –>here<–.

i’m not sure how well i’m going to sleep tonight now that i know outlast characters are real 😭.

sleep well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #tdil


(as i generally don’t hang about in operating theatres, i don’t own that image … but it’s from the section of google images where you’re allowed to reuse images πŸ‘πŸ» #winning)

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