today i learned – thurs 30th mar 2017

alrighty then (i really hope that you read that in your head just like ace ventura) today’s thing that i learned was about a topic that is very close to my heart – internet memes 😂

#tdil all about a theoretical law that is said to have caused the first meme 👍🏻 … i’m sure you’ll agree that this is vital information 😏. anyway, lets get into it. 

so, in the june 1993 issue of wired magazine, an american author, lawyer and journalist named mike godwin proposed his now infamous “godwin’s law”.

godwin’s law states that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving hitler approaches 1”. basically, regardless of topic, the longer an internet discussion goes on, the higher the chance that someone will compare someone or something to hitler … pretty true tbh 🙃. (don’t think it’s a legit thing? just check the oxford dictionary, it got put in there in 2012).

it was apparently this wisdom that prompted the very first internet meme to be created! 😬 i think this might be it … but i’m not sure 😕

but wait, there’s more! the concept of a ‘meme’ didn’t even start on the internetweb … it was actually a term first coined by richard dawkins in 1976! #mad. in his book “the selfish gene”, dawkins used the term meme to explain how cultural information spreads. the difference is that when dawkins discussed memes, he was actually referring to mutation by random change & spreading and not cats with hitler tashes 😂.

that’s literally it for today 😳 i’m not gonna lie, i feel a bit bad after this one 😅 i can think of literally zero ways that this is useful information … like, this isn’t even pub quiz worthy. oh well, iou about 3 minutes of lifetime 👍🏻

byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙃 #tdil


(i obviously don’t own today’s image … well, not strictly my image … but then, the internetweb has no one owner, so we all own all memes 👍🏻)

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