today i learned – weds 29th mar 2017

i think this might be a fairly short one guys 😳 … not because i’m in a rush or in dyer need of sleep (for once) but because there’s not actually all that much i can say about the thing that i learned today!

today’s little lesson of life is all about roses 🌹 yaaaaay roses! #tdil that the rose family is actually pretty huge and includes loads of the fruits that you enjoy on a daily basis. 

for a little background, here’s where this little lesson started – earlier today, i learned that apples are part of the rose family … apples?! What?! i’m not very plant minded, so i found that pretty mad. then, during my additional research (so that i didn’t just give you a one line blog post), i learned that they aren’t the only fruit that calls roses their #fam.

in fact, the rose family (or rosaceae family) actually contains loads of the fruits that you love, including: pears, almonds, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries and strawberries! (that’s not even the full list 😱).

if i’m honest, it all got a little complicated after that with scary graphs and super long words … so i stopped reading 🙈. either way, how mental is the fact that all of those things are related to roses?! i literally never would have guessed it in 4.3million years (4.4mill i would 😏).

anyway, i kind of want some fruit now 😳 which is a shock because i’m all about that chocolate life 💁🏼. regardless, i’m off to go eat lots of fruit 😬

in a bit homie 🖖🏻 #tdil

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