today i learned – sun 26th mar 2017

you could say that i’m slightly toeing a line with today’s lesson. despite only having two hours sleep and waking up at 4am for the f1 (a phone based hour forward cock up made for my phone going forwards two hours 😭 subsequently making for much less sleep than intended) i’ve not really learned anything today #awks.

however, last night we did all watch a beautiful mind. how is that relevant? well, at just after midnight, i happened to google the film and learned all sorts of facts about the real life events that go along with the film. as any minute ‘after midnight’ is technically today, i’m totally counting it as the thing i learned today 😏 (even if i did go to bed just afterwards and it feels like cheating).

anyway, #tdil that the fantastic film ‘a beautiful mind’ isn’t actually a million miles away from reality. if i’m honest, i’m actually super happy about that fact … i really don’t like it when ‘based on real life events’ actually means “the main character in real life also had a blue fiesta once but nothing else we filmed has anything to do with real life” 😒.

for those who haven’t seen the film, i’m going to try my very hardest not to include any hard-hitting spoilers. that said, i’m not promosing anything and strongly suggest that you stop reading this for now and watch the film right away.

so, the film depicts the life of math genius john nash – an incredible man who fought mental illness throughout his life and still managed to win a nobel prize and be generally super clever. with the events that unfold in the film, it’d be easy to assume that a lot of it is actually made up – that’s not the case … in fact, the website that i learned all of this from actually states that the film generally had to miss events out and not add them in.

now, it’s worth mentioning that i’m not saying the film is 100% the real life actual truth minus a few bits. of course, they added a few bits in and a few of the characters/events have been changed slightly or tidied up.

with a film like this, I guess that it’s mainly important that the film is truly in the spirit of nash’s life – which it is! 🤓.

right, what kind of thing did the guys miss out from the film? well, one example is that nash and his wife alicia actually got divorced in 1962 and didn’t remain married for their entire lives. that said, it appears that they remained in each other’s lives pretty much throughout – nash moved in with alicia as more of a ‘boarder’ in 1970 and they later restarted their relationship after he won his novel prize in the 90s. what is truly conveyed by the film is that alicia played a gigantic role in helping nash get through his mental illness.

another fact that the film missed out is that nash actually had another child with a ‘special friend’ in 1953! aged just 25, nash didn’t really want anything to do with his ‘illegitimate son’. they did eventually connect in the future but it doesn’t seem they ever really had a proper relationship.

that’s everything that i’m going to mention about the film … you kind of get my point! one last thing that i am going to say, however, is something that the film couldn’t address as it happens years later. very sadly, i also learned that both john and alicia died in 2015 in a car crash 😢 (at the time john was aged 86 and alicia aged 82). properly sad note to end on, but if you take anything from this, then i guess that’s it 😢

RIP john & alicia nash 🙏🏻


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