today i learned – tues 21st mar 2017

heading back to the world of wildlife today 👍🏻 going all attenborough and that. to be more specific, today’s lesson is about bears 🐻 … because who doesn’t love bears?

#tdil that bears can actually run really quickly 😳 (i know, it’s a very random fact…but i bet you didn’t know it…i didn’t).

by really quickly, i mean up to 40mph! when you consider that usain bolt (the fastestest dude around) runs at 27mph and a wild horse gallops at around 30-35mph … that’s actually mad fast!

basically, that means that if you ever catch a bear out in the wild, you probably shouldn’t try to run away as it’ll definitely catch you super easily and then eat your face 👍🏻

feeling optimistic and think you could probably just about get away with beating a bear through sheer endurance? think again … a bear can sustain speeds of around 25-28mph for well over 2 miles. scientists actually think that, depending on the surface, both the speed and distance that a bear can achieve could actually be more than that #mental.

so, what should you do if you find yourself in a situation with a bear if you can’t have a running race? first of all, if you’re chilling in bear country, you should have some bear repellant spray on your person 👍🏻

failing that, make lots of noise while you’re walking around. i always thought this was to make the bear think you’re big and scary … according to reader’s digest, it’s so that you don’t suprise any bears – surprised bears are more likely to rip your arms off.

if that doesn’t work, the bear decides to say heya and it touches you … play dead 💀. lay face down on ya stomach, stick your hands on the back of your neck and use your feet/elbows to prevent the bear from rolling you over. if it does roll you over, continue to roll until you’re back on your stomach.

a defensive bear will eventually realise you aren’t a threat and get bored 😬 then it’ll leave and you can go about camping again 🏕.

(disclaimer: i took that from the reader’s digest. i’m not a bear expert … if you decide to say hi to a bear, follow my advice and then get eaten, it isn’t my fault 🙃).

anyway, that’s my lesson for today … went on a bit of a tangent from the whole ‘superfast bears’ thing, but still, fun none-the-less 😬.

i can’t find the original website that taught me bears are really quick (sorry source ☹️) but you can read more about how not to be eaten –>here<–

i’m going to sleep now 😘

lates homies 🤠 #tdil


(stolen image again 🤓 this time, it’s a bear saying “alright fella” and it came from –>here<–)

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