today i learned – sun 19th mar 2017

today has been a day filled with testing out various mountain bikes, gaining a numb bum and creating burn in my legs so bad that i contemplated cutting them off on multiple occasions 🚲.

however, seen as the day has been filled with bike fuelled pain and enjoyment (it was really good to be back on a bike after such a long time 😬), i thought it only right to learn something bike related. #tdil that the first documented case of mountain biking was a really long time ago and performed by a regiment of american soldiers named ‘the 25th infantry bicycle corps’.

these soldiers rode specially modified bikes that were designed to carry gear over rough terrain. in august 1896, they set off upon a journey from Missoula, Montana, to Yellowstone National Park and back – a proper long ride apparently.

the aim of the ride was to test how he bicycles would stand up for military use in mountainous regions. their mission was a success and later saw them ride even further from missoula to st louis.

whilst this is one example of early mountain biking, it is mainly seen as just another cog (see what i did there? 😜) in the machine that created the sport we know today. in fact, these brave dudes aren’t actually considered pioneers of the sport or anything 🙃 more just people who happened to take some bikes off-road.

the main roots of mountain biking (apparently there’s a lot of arguing about this) are considered to be in california where a group known as ‘the larkspur canyon gang’ started to ride vintage single-speed balloon tyre bikes on mt. tamalpais and through baltimore canyon in larkspur, ca.

after starting the gang in the late 60s, they soon became local heroes and their new found activity started to spread all over 😬 bob’s your uncle, mountain biking is born!

there are lots of other little stories and accounts on where it all started but i got this info from –>here<–. on there, you’ll find some more little bits of interesting info … should you want more! 😁

anyway, i hope you enjoyed this little titbit! just a little look at the backstory of an epic sport! right, my legs and bum are killing … so i’m going to bed 👍🏻

byeeeeeeeeeeeee 😏 #tdil


(another ‘borrowed’ picture today 😅. this time it’s an ebike that i found –>here<– … honestly, go buy an ebike, they’re the future – they make hills easy and you go super fast like a superhero 😏)


*one day, i’m totally getting sued for borrowing all of these photos…😭

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