today i learned – sat 18th mar 2017

alrighty then! today, we’re talking social media – a thing that the majority of us enjoy in some way shape or form. did you know what some of us enjoy it a bit too much and that there is a legit disorder to do with facebook addiction?! … #tdil that facebook addiction disorder (or f.a.d) is an actual thing šŸ˜³

well, according to an american psychologist it is … in fact, a casino site once mentioned that facebook is like a casino in that “it provides an atmosphere from which it is hard to walk away”.Ā 

the condition is defined by the amount of hours that an individual spends on facebook and is said to effect over 350million people!!

worried that you might have the condition? there are six handy criteria that can determine whether or not you qualify as an actual facebook addict šŸ‘šŸ» in order to be diagnosed with the condition, you must have at least 2-3 of the criteria within a 6-8 month period. here goes (i’m not going indepth here…if you want the full description follow the link below šŸ‘šŸ») –

  1. tolerance: this is to do with the desperate nature of an addict.
  2. withdrawal symptoms: pretty much what it says on the tin…take facebook away and see what happens.
  3. reduction of normal social/recreational activities: basically, reducing the amount that you see your mates because facebook is life.
  4. virtual dates: having a date online instead of an actual in real life date.
  5. fake friends: apparently if 8 out of 10 people on your facebook are strangers … you’re deep in facebook addiction.
  6. complete addiction: everything in life revolves around facebook … plus, notifications give the person a high.

so, there you go … you might just be a legit addict. if i’m honest, i’m not totally convinced about this theory … well, the six criteria at least – people be deffo addicted to facebook, the six criteria just don’t seem like they’d actually tell you much. i mean, who doesn’t get excited when your fancy new display picture gets mad likes? šŸ˜Ž

but yes, that’s that i guess! as mentioned, you can read a full article on this and the six criteria in more depth –>here<–.

adios! šŸ˜— #tdil


(stole the image from google…thought an image of the ‘super evil mastermind who’s making all addicts’ mark zuckerberg was appropriate and as we aren’t best buds, i don’t have any selfies with him šŸ‘šŸ» cheers mark, please don’t sue me šŸ˜¬)

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