today i learned – fri 17th mar 2017

after a day filled with nine hours of none-stop driving, i’m back at home! 😬 as you can imagine, however, my bed is totally calling … so don’t expect anything ground breaking!

anyway, courtesy of greg james and chris smith with the news, #tdil that the word ‘graffiti’ is actually plural … the singular word is ‘graffito’ 😱 i know, right?! #mindblown.

if i’m honest, it’s all a bit confusing which version of the word you should use! if what you’re looking at is an ancient drawing or cave painting, then you use the word ‘graffito’. however, if you’re talking about some sick wall art then it’s ‘graffiti’.

that said, ‘graffito’ is still the singluar form of graffiti … so, at what point does sick wall art become plural?! if someone just sprays one letter onto a wall, is it graffito or graffiti?!

i feel i’ve raised more questions in this blog post than answered … sozza πŸ˜…. but yeah, the key bit to take away is that graffiti is plural πŸ‘πŸ» – massively useless but you know πŸ˜‚

anyhew, goodbye 😁 #tdil

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