today i learned – tues 14th mar 2017

if i’m honest, i think i learned something earlier today but i can’t for the life of me remember what it was (some may say, i’ve therefore learned nothing today).

however, never fear, the beauty of this blog is that it forces me to learn something everyday. therefore, after a bit of a Googling and reading, i’ve learned something random about liechtenstein (random much!!)

anyway, #tdil a rather amusing story about liechtenstein’s army! don’t even ask how i came about this fact 😂🙈

so to begin, these days, liechtenstein is a totally neutral country with no military … go back in time however and it was a totally different story – they used to regularly enjoy a bit of a fight (by back in time, i mean during the middle ages and renaissance).

the particular story that i learned this eve took place in 1866 – during the last military engagement that lichtenstein got involved with. lichtenstein sent 80 troops out on the mission and managed to have 81 return! (the extra being a ‘new italian friend) lololol.

i find it highly amusing that they managed to gain an extra soldier! if i was in charge of a unit, i’d totally manage it … to be honest, i’d probably be the extra one returning to a random country, only it’d be entirely by accident!

once again, this is a largely useless fact (one you may have already known). things are mad busy at the moment, so these posts have been fairly rushed 🙈 #soz. regardless, thank you for the ongoing support! it’s pretty damn awesome when people drop likes, follows and comments 😬

ta guys! 🦆 #tdil


(actually using one of my own pictures for once! it’s from a road trip across europe that we did a couple of years ago 😬 no idea if that is actually lichtenstein … but we definitely went there, so it totally counts 😏)

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