today i learned – sun 12th mar 2017

hey, guess what! today i learned a fact about frogs! 🐸 #ribbit (i think that’s how to spell that). #tdil that frogs hibernate.

this actually came about because i spotted  loads of frogspawn and frogs during today’s dog walk 🙂 and if i’m honest, i’ve never really thought about what happens in the stages between being an adult frog and frogspawn appearing in spring … due to the limited frog life cycle that they teach you in school, my head only actually went up to “frog becomes an adult frog” … after that, they just fade into nothing.

well, after a quick google, i now know that adult frogs don’t just fade into insignificance…they hibernate 👍🏻 aquatic frogs actually hibernate underwater!? which is legit mad.

the reason for hibernation (just like other animals) is to escape the winter … because nobody likes the cold and animals don’t have central heating or heated car seats.

frogs (that aren’t aquatic frogs) hibernate in burrows or they cover themselves in mud – making sure that it’s a bit harder for things to eat them whilst they’re dormant (it also helps keep them slightly warmer? that’s a guess).

the biological stuff that happens during hibernation is actually pretty cool – it’s more than just having a student length sleep. when frogs hibernate, they slow their heartbeat & breathing and chill their body temperature so that it almost matches the temperature outside ❄️.

as they’re cold blooded, frogs have built in antifreeze to help make sure they don’t become ice … that said, some frogs that live in really cold places are totally chill (lol) with being frozen solid!

as per usual, i’m only going to give you the basics that i’ve learned 🙂 i feel like, if you want hardcore super long facts, this blog wouldn’t be where you go … this blog is more top level stuff to tell your mates at work or school.

anyway,  that’s pretty much all i’ve learned today folks 😬 if you’d like more, my source was –>here<– have a good eve!

ciao adios 😍 #tdil


(picture isn’t mine as usual … this one came from a website called ‘froglife‘ 🐸)

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