today i learned – fri 10th mar 2017

today, i’m going to give you a tip that might one day save your life … lol jokes, not really “save your life”. it might, however, help the tip of your tongue šŸ˜.

#tdil that if you burn your tongue, you should dip it in sugar to relieve the pain šŸ‘šŸ».

now, sugar has to be one of my favourite things in the entire world but i’m not making this up! i was originally given this fact by a friend at work šŸ˜¬ (#thankyou) and after a bit of research on the interwebnet it would seem lots of people agree … even colgate!Ā 

so, what should you do when you accidentally burn your tongue on tomato soup or jdm noodles? it’s pretty easy, just grab a table spoon, fill it with sugar and then get dipping that tongue like it’s a dibdab.

how does it work? honestly … i have no idea šŸ˜… … it’s pretty hard to find anyone who does have an idea. one person on the interweb said it worked because the sweet sugary taste helps to sooth the burning sensation whilst the glucose penetrates deep into your tongue to help sooth there…

frankly, i have no idea šŸ‘šŸ» but, according to the webnet, it works and anything that might take the sting out of a tongue burn is totally worth a try – especially if it means eating loads of sugar!?

i’m not committed enough to this blog to test the theory…so let me know if you burn your tongue and it works šŸ™ˆ

glurbal (that’s alien for bye šŸ‘½) #tdil


(that isn’t a picture of my tongue…i stole it from google. never thought i’d own a blog with a random picture of a tongue on it. guess you could say i’ve made it #ornot)

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