today i learned – thurs 9th mar 2017

today, much like yesterday, i was in our fair capital, learning all about how to trick people into buying stuff through pretty pictures and stuff … aka marketing.

after many many panels and talks, i’ve learned something that i thought was quite interesting and useable as a throw away fact at the dinner table 👍🏻

#tdil that 50% of all movies are made using a story structure known as “the hero’s journey” 😏. 

what this means is that those movies all follow the same ‘map’ when it comes to the story unfolding. it’s literally been used in all sorts of films – ranging from star wars to moana!

but what is this map? i hear you cry! well…all films/books/blogs/whatevs that use this structure follow this route:

  1. ordinary world – this is just setting stuff up and getting to know what normal is for the hero (think luke in star wars when he was just chilling with his rents and doing jobs).
  2. call to adventure – this is that initial call for the hero to do something great.
  3. refusal of the call – for some reason, heroes are always reluctant to follow their calling.
  4. meeting the mentor – this is where our hero meets someone that inspires them to accept the call to adventure.
  5. cross the threshold – after meeting the mentor and being convinced that they should leave, our hero follows their calling and gets on with fixing the world.
  6. friends and allies – what’s a story without some lovable side characters? all those peeps that help our hero reep all the glory that they now crave! this is that it where they meet them all.
  7. ordeals/challenges – because an adventure story without some difficulty wouldn’t be much of an adventure … it’s just a standard trip to the shops…
  8. reward – the world is saved! it’s time for our now heroic hero to get some mad rewards (and usually the girl/guy).
  9. return – after becoming a celeb and saving the world, our hero returns home and back to normal life.

if you think about that structure and apply it to any films you may have recently watched … it actually makes perfect sense 😬. so far, i’ve used my brain to apply it to star wars, moana and the lego movie (#everythingisawesome) and it fits perfectly.

this structure was actually ‘discovered’ when a dude noticed that the stories used by ancient tribes (well, just people in the past in general) to pass on legends and myths, all followed the same formula – they all had the above structure in common!

that dude (i didn’t note down his name! #soz) published a book called “the hero with a thousand faces” … so, if you want to know more, read that 👍🏻 i intend to on my upcoming holiday 😬

well, that’s that…personally, i hope that this is a fact that you can now bust out each and every time you visit the cinema … you know, it could become one of those facts that you annoy people with due to the frequency that you use it 😏

anyway, toodle pip! 🤓 #tdil

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