today i learned – tues 7th mar 2017

things are going to be a tad different today…well, different in terms of today’s thing that i went and learned not being an actual thing…(this makes sense in my head).

anyway, #tdil a new appreciation for those crazy people that create daily vlog content and the work that they must put into each video! this appreciation comes around due partly to this blog and partly because of time i’ve spent creating and editing video. 

so, i’ve been posting daily on this fair blog for almost a month…if i’m honest, it hasn’t always been easy – especially this evening – this eve is one of those eves where you have a super early morning on the horizon and a shed load of things to do before going to bed … it’s days like this where you think “should i just skip today’s post?”.

now, i’m thinking that after one month of really easy to create content – how in god’s name do daily vloggers like life of tom and casey neistat (rip casey’s daily vlog 😭😭) deal?! i mean, writing a post like this takes 10-20mins … creating and editing video content takes literally the entire day!

like, there’s no rest! you have to commit to creating content regardless of how you’re feeling, how busy you are or what may be on the horizon. even if you have to be up at 3am and still haven’t edited your day’s video by 12am, you have to sit and get it done…even if that means no sleep!? #mad.

to be honest, this is a largely useless post if you were hoping to learn something interesting 🙈 #soz. i guess i just wanted to show my appreciation of those who do this for a living…i mean, it’s an awesome job to have but it’s one of those jobs that never stops!

hats off to you, daily content creators of the world!

byyyeeeeeeee 🤓 #tdil

(image isn’t mine as per usual 👍🏻 it’s from an interview with casey (i think) … go watch his stuff please 😬)

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