today i learned – sun 5th mar 2017

need to make this one super quick…i’ve been up script writing all night, so now i only have 22mins to get this #tdil live before monday happens!

right, if i’m honest, i’m really surprised by the source of today’s lesson – spotify! who knew that a streaming service could teach you something whilst also delivering great ear pleasure music?! #multitaskinglikeabeast.

#tdil all about kiiara’s song ‘gold’ #tune. did you know that the message behind the song is that you shouldn’t have to answer to anyone? it’s actually demonstrated by the lyric:

“i can leave the party without letting you know”

(to be fair, know i’ve actually read the lyrics…it’s fairly obvious!)

other random facts are that the song originally made on an acoustic guitar – something that kiiara is very good at playing … good to know. also, the broken lyrics that you hear throughout the song were created by producer felix snow – one of those unplanned “grab me my laptop, i’ve got a great idea” kind of deals.

if i’m totally honest … this was a largely useless thing to learn today but you know, it’s sunday – not much happens on sunday. that said, unlike most of the useless facts i seem to learn, this one might actually come in handy in a music quiz one day πŸ‘πŸ»

but yeah, that’s it for today 😬 totally crushed the whole “get the post done before midnight” thing 😏 andΒ got to enjoy kiiara’s ep again (honestly it’s insane, do yourself a favour and get involved) … all-in-all, times are good 😁.

anyway, bon nuit 😴 #tdil


(today the picture was taken from youtube πŸ˜… … click/tap the word youtube and listen to gold – then i won’t feel as bad for being a theif and you’ll get some good music. ta πŸ™‚.)

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