today i learned – sat 4th mar 2017

we’re going alcohol on ye ole blog today πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ· more specifically – rioja. #tdil that you don’t just get rioja that is red 😱 you can also get white and rose?! #mindblown.

to be honest, this might be something that most people know (i dunno, maybe) but i’ve only ever known rioja to be red (and rather tasty…quite partial to a glass of rioja).Β 

anyway, the name rioja is actually due to the location in spain where rioja is made … suprisingly a place called la rioja (which has three main regions: rioja alvesa, rioja alta and rioja baja) each of the regions create their own unique version of rioja.

every year, la rioja produces 250million litres of wine 😬 85% of which is actually red (which explains why i only knew about red rioja…or tinto). this huge amount of wine comes from a total of 57,000 hectares of vineyards.

i was going to go into the grapes that tend to be used in rioja … but i’ve learned that there’s rather a lot of different grapes used πŸ˜… especially in tinto. i can tell you, however, that the prominent grape used for white rioja (or blanco) is viura.

there’s not much left to tell you to be honest … erm … apparently a distinct characteristic of rioja is due to the effect of oak aging…

anyway, i’m going to stop due to lack of additional facts πŸ‘πŸ» if you do want to know more then click –>herehere

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