today i learned – fri 3rd mar 2017

today i learned a new way to help you out if you’re ever struggling for the £££ (aka my entire life). curious? #tdil that you can pay for stuff with stamps!

you may already know that, way back when, stamps were genuine currency that you could use in shops. what you may not know, however, is that they still are…well, sort of, it’s a bit of a grey area (in fact, i’m yet to find two articles that agree on the law).

now, according to the citizens advice bureau, the only legal tender in England and Wales is (are? can’t decide which word to use #tired) coins and notes given out by the bank of england.

that said, if you rock up to your local shop, grab milk, eggs & malteasers and then try to pay with a book of fancy 1st class stamps, your local shop keep is more than welcome to accept it as payment #funtimes.

on the flip side, however, as stamps aren’t legal tender, they’re just as welcome to tell you where to shove them 😳 … to be honest, i think this is more likely than the shop keep yes answer.

also, i’m not really sure how much a book of stamps would be worth? I mean, once you’ve bought them from the post office, do they lose their value or is a book of stamps always worth a set amount? so many questions!

basically, what you’ve just read is that you can go to the shop and maybe buy something with stamps and maybe not…pretty useless information really…but at least you know now 👍🏻 like, if you’re ever in a stitch, be safe in the knowledge that you can grab a book of stamps and all will be well (possibly…)

now i just need people to start accepting emoji stickers as currency 🤔 then i’d literally be the richest person on earth 😬 #makeitrain #allthatdollar

anyway…nighty night 😁 #tdil

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