today i learned – thurs 2nd mar 2017

in need of some light relief? yes? today’s #tdil is most definitely for you 😏 there is a website (well a couple of websites) that exist solely to transport you to other completely useless websites.

when i say ‘useless’ websites, i mean genuinely, entirely, 100%, undeniably useless – for example, one of the websites exists just let you know that the hadron collider hasn’t destroyed the world yet 😂…#goodtoknow

now, i actually learned a couple of things today that were useful but this wins by a country mile (one day, i’ll learn the significance of a ‘country’ mile).

so, if you’re bored (or need something to do at work tomorrow) grab some headphones or crank up your volume and spend some time randomly browsing stupid useless websites…honestly, you won’t be disappointed 😂😂😂

i’ve found two websites:

  1. useless web
  2. the useless web

the two share a couple of sites but also have sites that are unique to them get on it!

if that doesn’t keep you amused for hours, then i worry for your health…you’re never going to be bored at work ever again 😬 #yourewelcome #igotyourback

enjoy! 😏 #tdil

(today’s image comes from one of the many websites that were randomly thrown my way…honestly, if you take nothing else from this little post, do your self a favour and click –>here

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