today i learned – weds 1st mar 2017

hello, sports fans! babs (aka megatron aka megan) has once again been teaching me things – this time internetwebnet things. amazingly, despite the fact i once proclaimed to someone that “i am the internet”, i was unaware of this fact…hence why it’s today’s #tdil.

fact! go! – was the world’s first registered domain name. 

for the none interent geeks out there, a domain name is basically the website address – an example would be ‘’. you can go into some serious depth about what each bit means … but that’s all you really need to know 👍🏻. if you do want to know more, get to googlin’.

anyway, registered in 1985, was originally owned by a computer development company named “symbolics computer corporation”. according to their website, they were ahead of their time and really totally good at developing software. these days, however, the name is owned by a small group of investors (they bought it in 2009…which is kind of sad).

not only is (auto-correct keeps changing that to ‘symbolically’ and it’s really annoying) the first registered domain name, it’s also the oldest .com website on that giant thing we call the internet! bit mad that 😬

anyway, i’ll end the geekfest now 🙈. working in digital, this is actually pretty interesting…it’s basically a really important part of the intawebz history and therefore my employment 😁

if you’d like to learn a bit more (and see a mad globe that knows where you live) the website actually still exists! as i’ve told you the address a thousand times, you already know where to go…but, just because it makes life easier, you can just click –>here<–

proper geeky one today 😬 hope you enjoyed! anyway, man flu still sucks, so i’m going to sleeeeeep 😴

in a bit 😘 #tdil

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