today i learned – tues 28th feb 2017

today’s #tdil is actually going to be pretty short in terms of actual written stuff by me. this is because the thing that i learned today was due to a video by lewis qball on youtube.

i, like many, watch a lot of complete rubbish on youtube but lewis’ channel is different. for those who don’t know who lewis qball is; he’s a lad who randomly developed tourettes a couple of years ago and instead of just hiding away, he decided to raise awareness and educate people on the condition through short videos and comedy.Β 

earlier today, he dropped a video that explained all about the condition – the effects, what the different ‘ticks’ are, what it’s like to live with and etc. it’s really quite interesting and, unlike some of the rubbish i make you read, genuinely worthwhile!

at around about this point i’d usually just spout a few paragraphs and tell you, in my own weird words, what i learned from the video and then cite it as a source at the end…on this occasion, however, i want the lesson to come from the source – lewis himself. it just feels right to have his message conveyed by him πŸ‘πŸ»

… just before i leave you to watch his video…i feel like i should warn you – it contains a fair amount of language 😳. if you can get past that then please totally watch it πŸ™‚ also, go to his channel/faceballs and watch the rest of his stuff! 😬

anyway, i’ll stop talking now πŸ‘πŸ». laterz #tdil


(as per usual, the image isn’t mine πŸ˜… this one came from youtube…so yeah 😳)

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