today i learned – sun 26th feb 2017

today’s #tdil actually came through something i’m sure many other dog owners have experienced – that brilliant moment when your dog decides to roll in fox poo 😒💩 #yay.

have you ever wondered why your dog (or in my case dogs plural) enjoys a good roll in the smelly stuff? I often have but never bothered to explore the reason…now, however, i have a blog based on learning things. so, you know…

after some interentweb research, i’ve found out that it’s something deep-rooted in your dog’s natural instinct that makes it want to roll in fox poo.

way back when dog’s roamed wild and free, they’d hunt for their food. of course, when hunting, you don’t want your prey to smell you coming – for this reason, dogs would roll in fox poo to mask their own smell.

by rolling in the poopoo, your dog smells more like the natural surroundings and can therefore get closer to the prey that it’s stalking. it’s much easier to catch something that you’re close to than storming something from a distance!

despite your dog now being domesticated it’s something that sits super deep in their genes – wild dogs still use this technique when they hunt 🐶.

and that’s that 👍🏻 now you know why your dog enjoys poo 😁 you’re welcome. right, i’m totally coming down with a cold, so i’m going to bed 😷

au revoir 💩 #tdil

(actually used my own picture for once 😬)

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