today i learned – sat 25th feb 2017

to be honest, a lot of people probably already know about today’s #tdil but unfortunately, i missed the press conference when everyone else learned about it πŸ˜• for today’s #tdil, we’re going full space nerd πŸ€“

as you may be aware, lots of super clever space people have found exoplanets that have the potential of already having life on them or sustaining life in the future! #wearenotalone #aliensarecoming.Β 

firstly, what does exoplanet mean? an exoplanet is a planet that exists outside of our solar system…you know, exo as in ‘outside’.

anyway, now that we’ve cleared that up, what have scientists found? … way super far away, there are seven earth sized rocky planets (all of which are about one earth mass) that are orbiting a m-class star named trappist-1 😬 which is pretty mental tbh – Β it’s the most exoplanets that we’ve ever found orbiting a star!

some details: trappist-1 is about the same radius as jupiter and is a lot dimmer than our own sun. regardless of this fact, it supplies its orbiting planets with enough heat that some of them are in the habitable zone πŸ‘½ – this is mainly because they’re pretty close!

due to the fact that trappist-1 is less luminous than our big bright star, being on one of the nearby planets would only be about as bright as dusk on earth, however, due to trappist-1 being red and therefore emitting lots more infrared rays, you’d feel about as warm as you would at midday on a standard earth day (scott manley didn’t specify where abouts on earth the comparable midday is).

trappist-1 might be a bit dim and not overly warm but it does have one card that trumps our own sun – lifespan. due to trappist-1 being small, it burns its fuel a lot slower than our sun and will therefore live longer … 500 times longer!

pretty fascinating, hey 😏 literally love all this space stuff! to be honest, i’m not the cleverest person, so this is a fairly dumbed down version of things that lets my brain remember the basic facts. if you’d like to learn more, then you totally need to watch the below video from scott manley…the dude is mad clever and i’m obsessed with his content! he’s created a simulation and everything 😬.

literally, the aliens are coming and trump is going to lose his s***! i’m going to go and prepare my tinfoil hat 😳 ciao! #tdil

(picture nicked from nasa – the actual owners of space 🌍)

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