today i learned – thurs 23rd feb 2017

if i’m honest, today’s thing that i did go and learn is actually pretty grim…and it’s about rats, so (depending on your outlook) possibly double grim. meh, still interesting. amazingly, this was taught to me at work by megatron thanks to a microsoft excel course of all things (the ‘amazingly’ was to the excel course bit…not to megatron teaching me something 😬 lol awks).

right, the thing that i learned today – rats cannot vomit…that’s why rat poison works. they also can’t burp or suffer from heartburn -although i’m a bit dobious of the last bit…how can you test that? (to be honest, there’s probably a test that i just don’t know about…a #tdil for another day i guess). 

anyway, back to the not vomiting thing, wondering why rats can’t be sicky? no? didn’t think so but i’m going to tell you anyway. it’s because they have a powerful barrier between their stomach & esophagas and an esophageal muscle that isn’t strong enough to open the barrier. getting from the stomach and through the esophagas is a fairly intrinsic part of vomiting subsequently meaning: rats are incapable of being sick (something i’m super jealous of #justsaying).

but wait, there’s more! in fact, there’s three parts to this “rats can’t throw up” saga. the second part – vomiting requires the two muscles of the diaphragm to contract independently … there’s apparently no evidence that rats are capable of doing that.

thirdly and finally, throwing up is apparently quite a complex thing in terms of the brain power needed to coordinate all of the individual muscles that are required. regardless of the other two reasons, rats just aren’t clever enough to throw up … just don’t have the necessary ‘complex neural networks’ that are needed.

who knew that the disgusting act of being sick was such a complex thing? interestingly, despite rats lacking the ability to vomit, richard dawkins reckons they’ll take over the world once we’re all gone due to nuclear war (trump) … have a read –> here <–

well, it’s time for bed now because i want starbucks in the morn … so that’s your #tdil. pretty interesting if you ask me – ta megatron for that 👍🏻. as always, if you want to learn more about this, my source was this lovely website all about rats and what they do to overcome the whole inability to be sick thing.

laterz 🙂 #tdil


(as is becoming a thing apparently, the image isn’t mine … so the rights etc belong to whoever owns the image. not actually sure who owns this one 😶 but look how damn cute that lil rat is 😁)

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