today i learned – weds 22nd feb 2017

it would seem that i’m sticking with yesterday’s theme of learning something about a place. unlike yesterday, however, today’s place is slightly closer to home … in fact, really close to home, like literally at the end of the road close to home. #tdil things about that super exciting place named coalville! (rock and roll or what?!).

turns out that, despite being called some less than lovely things these days, coalville has actually got some pretty cool claims to fame, some of which you’d totally never expect. let the masterclass in coalville-ology begin. 

firstly, coalville used to be a coal mining town (who’d have guessed? lol). to be fair, that totally doesn’t count as a #tdil, i’ve known that for some time … just wanted to point it out i guess. anyway, actual cool things that you might not have known.

first of all, coalville was the birthplace of a couple of a few awesome toys, namely – action man, star wars figurines and care bears – like, who’d have thought it? care bears are from the dark dreary place coalville?! (as for action man, i always wondered why i saw one of them at the space centre…probably should have paid attention). brucie bonus fact: action man turns 50 this year.

something that i 100% didn’t know (and is totally nobler than any of the above) is that the first 50 volunteer soldiers in ww1 left from coalville station – they were all from hugglescote…which is pretty awesome! soldiers deserve to be honoured…i’ll never take their sacrifices for granted and to think that the first volunteers left from here is actually awesome – we should shout about this more. (to be fair, if you take anything from this little post, let it be that!)

robert stephenson developed the rocket steam engine here as well…so, basically, thanks to coalville: we won ww1, you have an action man or care bear and you can get on a train when you cba to drive or want to visit france. that’s what i took from this anyway 🙂 #tdil


(as usual, that image doesn’t belong to me – sozza – total credit goes to the original owner. i ‘acquired’ this image from –>here<–)

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