today i learned – tues 21st feb 2017

#tdil comes from one of my favourite places today – the sushi loving, drift inventing, crazy awesome country of japan. featuring as part of a rather excellent conversation that i had with a friend of mine who now lives over there (a fact which i’m highly jealous of 😒), today’s learning concerns the elderly generation of jdm land. 

now, it’s no secret that elderly people in japan are held with high regard and are treated with the utmost respect. what you may not know, however, is that there are actually more elderly people in japan than there are youngsters! from what i can find on the interwebnet, 26.1% of japan’s population is aged 65 or over and only 12.1% is aged 14 or younger (at least it was in 2015…couldn’t find a census from last year but the fact stands 👍🏻 if anything, the percentage of elderly people has grown!).

just to give you some comparison – the same year in the super great uk saw 0-14 year olds making up 17.77% of the population and people aged 65+ making up 17.76% … rather different to that of japan!

but why do people live so long in japan? well according to the all-knowing hypernetweb, it’s thought that people live so long because they have strong community bonds, they exercise lots, eat a healthy & low fat diet and they live a generally less stressful life. japanese people are just generally #winning at life.

it’s not all super happy times though…there are negatives to having a long long life. for starters, it takes a whole lot more planning and more years of work to ensure that you have enough money for your retirement – this is part of the reason that many people in japan continue to work even when they’re considered to be elderly. it can be rather stressful planning a retirement fund that lasts until you’re 100 years old and beyond.

another ‘issue’ (depends how you see things) is that many households in japan are called home by up to seven generations of a family all at once (O_o). now, don’t get me wrong, family is amazing…i love family! but coming home to that many people every single day?! nah, all good thank you…it’s like that mad family party we all have once a year but every day. #mad

anyway…that’s your #tdil for today 👍🏻 hopefully you found it interesting, i did lol. if you want more about old people and the japanese diet that makes you live forever my sources were wikipedia (because what doesn’t wikipedia know) and this website –> here <– … that website has mad facts about learning lessons from elderly japanese people and a mad drink recipe for long life and all sorts 🙂

さようなら (that’s goodbye in jdm 🇯🇵🔰)

(the picture was a bit random…but you know, i didn’t want to steal another image and what says japan better than my old jap import and some japanese sweets?!)

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