today i learned – mon 20th feb 2017

thanks to an incredible conversation that i had for pretty much the duration of the day (and hope to continue tomorrow), i actually learned loads today. like literally loads – things varying from the creation of zero, to being grateful about life, to psychoanalysis … however, in order to ensure that i know everything about what we discussed before giving more karl pilkington-esque ‘half facts’ (like most of this blog), i’m going to save it for another day when i’ve read a book or two that was recommended to me (it also means that i have content for another day!).

instead, today’s #tdil is going to be about arguably the most majestic and beautiful animals out there – lions. more specifically, the fact that they’re a lot cleverer than you might know (unless you watched the same program as me). 

in this particular case, i’m talking clever in terms of the way in which lionesses use their ‘womanly ways’ as a way to get the things that they want! in human life, we all know of those who use their sexuality (men and women) as a way to get their own way but, to me at least, it seems mental that a member of the cat family would do the same! i mean, i often wonder if my cat even knows which way up is…

i actually learned this from the incredible “lion country: night & day” on itv (that link goes to episode one on itv player). in the latest episode – episode three – they showed how one lioness tried to get her cubs integrated into a pride in which the males  weren’t the father (male lions tend to kill off cubs that aren’t their own because #competition).

it was pretty amazing how she went about it; teaming up with a couple of loyal sisters, they coaxed the big scary males from their pride and then used ‘distraction mating’ to distract the males whilst they slowly brought the cubs closer and closer. this went on for a long time.

just to explain; the reason for drawing the males away from their pride was because the females of the pride don’t take too kindly to their guys just having it away with some random females…as was seen in a previous episode. mentally, in that episode, the females of the pride actually attacked the males and not the outsider female who was leading them astray … it’s literally like corrie.

just for some further explanation; the reason for bringing the cubs progressively closer during all of this was to get the males used to the outsider cubs and hopefully make the males accept them … honestly, words don’t really explain quite how interesting and manipulative their methods were – deliberately intervening in potential attacks by initiating mating.

anyway, i’m not going to spoil whether it worked or not – it’s not an exact science! so, whilst female lions do opt for this tactic quite often, whether or not it worked in this particular case, i’m not going to say! i’ll leave that for you to find out when you treat yourself to a night with the lions.

i just thought it was pretty mad that lions are incredible at manipulation – like, who’d have thought it?! i’ll never look at my cat the same again!

(that photo is totally owned by itv and therefore all copyright etc is owned by them … so, just to make the fact i blatantly nicked their image worthwhile, go watch the lion program 👍🏻 #ta).

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