today i learned – sat 18th feb 2017

right now i’m at a party with my famalam, therefore today’s little bit of writing about life lessons is going to be fairly short and alcohol fuelled!

first of all, can i say that i’m highly disturbed to hear that champagne and prosecco prices are set to go up – as a part time champagne drinking enthusiast, this news is really rather upsetting. 

never fear, however, because asda (i don’t know why they’re featuring in this blog so heavily) have come up with a new creation to save the day! they’ve called it ‘progrigio’ (literally sounds like an awful pro green impersonator).

progrigio is a creation that takes the prosecco glera grape and combines it with, surprise surprise, pinot grigio. to be honest, that sounds a bit like a montrousity worthy of the film frankenstein (no bad feels frankie, but you know).

i guess judgement should be saved until actually trying the drink, but one “professional wine taster” was quoted saying that, as it only costs a fiver, it doesn’t really matter what it’s like. in the thing that i read, she actually seemed pretty excited and wondered if it’ll be the next big thing.

well, if you happen to want to try some, you can buy it now in the wonderful shop named asda – they also sell voss water, which is a huge win. not gonna lie, i’m rather curious, so watch this space!

right, i’m getting back on the prosecco whilst it’s still a thing. have a great saturday night! 🙂

(p.s – other things i learned today, btw, are that cherry juice an hour before bed helps you to sleep & helps your joints and the ferrari f12 tdf is really ruddy scary and far too powerful but god damn gorgeous – i just can’t show you pictures because secret =[ i’ll stick them on insta at some point in the future)

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