today i learned - thurs 16th feb 2017

i don’t mean to blow my own trumpet or anything, but a lot of learning took place today; granted, none of the things were particularly big things…but still. 

right, here goes:

1). tamworth is yet another place you can get to (25 miles from my house) in the same time that it takes me to do one M1 junction to work (13 miles). this particular lesson, although most likely assisted by the fact that it’s half term, is incredibly annoying and further concretes the fact that the M1 hates me. i mean seriously, the list of places you could get to in the time that my daily expedition takes it starting to grow rather a lot. 

2). ferrari haven’t forgotten how to make a kick ass V12 supercar. proof comes in the form of their f12 replacement – 812 superfast. as suggested by the (erm…incredibly italian?) name: it’s super fast, 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds, super fast. it’s also very pretty, has an 800bhp v12 and isn’t turbocharged ❤ (that image up there is owned by ferrari and is therefore copyright – go see more here)

3). lego batman is freaking awesome. there’s not much else to say on this lesson…the movie is just freaking awesome. stop reading this right now, watch the trailer (seems counterproductive) and go watch the film right now…like, go! right this instant! (unless you didn’t like the first lego movie, then don’t bother…although, if you’re still reading this utter drivel of a post, then i’ve definitely just given you a much more interesting evening. #yourewelcome)

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