today i learned – tues 14th feb 2017

you can’t trust two men (well, me and mark at least) to simply go and buy flowers without it being an event; today’s lunchtime mission definitely proved that.

filled to the brim with mcdonald’s fuelled regret (you know, those horrid after maccy’s feels) we burst through asda’s doors expecting to see zero pretty plants for purchase.

luckily, it would seem that asda prepared for all of the last minute man shopping by creating a never ending field of flowers  as soon as you walk through the door – let the mission to find the best rose commence. 

after perusing for quite some time, we found the perfect rose and a rather nice bouquet of flowers 🙂 the issue, however, was that the particular ‘perfect rose’ was within another bouquet – no bother, we just sneakily improved our bouquet by steathily acquiring that rose in a move that will have mi5 knocking at the door immenently.

you’d think that this story ends here…nope. already feeling like rebellious teens, multiple swipes at the self checkout unveiled our next issue – no barcode. tasked with a side quest, i bounded away from the self checkout in search of a similar bouquet for scanning.

despite searching harder than a parched man in the desert searches for water, this was an item that eluded me! instead i grabbed a collection of plants that turned out to be slightly different but did give a fair discount #win.

leaving the shop in our usual mischevious manner, we started to ponder our next problem – how could these flowers survive until the end of the day? afterall, it was only 1:30 … they had to survive until at least 8pm. it turns out that the solution was to grab two partially drank water bottles and tactically position the stems inside them (that explains the top image!).

i really really wish i had filmed the whole event, it would have been much funnier than what i have written here! either way, it was highly enjoyable and i hear that the flowers were well received!

(brucie bonus lesson: the heat shield in your engine bay is really really warm after a long drive and shouldn’t be accidentally touched 😥 #doingsciencesoyoudonthaveto #ouch)

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