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oh hey! welcome to my blog :). it’s basically a wonderful world of random facts, generally useless drivel and the odd genius bit of info. think old school karl pilkington facts with more actual facts.

i start every post with #tdil … in my head it means: today i learned 🙂 … go ahead, use it for yourself 🙂 (p.s – i do know how to use capital letters … i’ve just decided not to use them #becauserebel :D)

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today i learned – weds 13th sept 2017

the never ending quest for knowledge that this blog has sent me on has once again led to me to enjoy an additional shark week 🦈

totally not a bad thing … today, however, we’re getting into some pretty intimate shark times 😳 #awks

#tdil that female sharks have evolved to have tougher, thicker, skin than males.

now, as you’ve probably guessed, we aren’t talking about them being thick skinned when it comes to being insulted 🙈 nope, it’s all to do with shark sexy times.

so yeah, until today’s little learning, i had no idea that marine biologists actually knew anything about shark special times 🤔 i always thought that it was one of life’s great mysteries … turns out that i was wrong!

anyway, the reason why female sharks have tougher skin actually makes quite a lot of sense … it’s all to do with the male needing somewhere to latch on to the female.

as you can imagine, it’s pretty awkward to hold on to something gently when you have no hands 🙃 instead, the male latches on by biting into the female around the region of the face/gills/pectoral fin 😳.

it’s a pretty surreal (and i imagine uncomfortable) concept when you think about it; those crazy shark mouths are made to literally devour things?! they’ll full of scary shark teeth 🙈 #sharkattacksexytimes

i feel like that last hashtag could be a sequel to a film like sharknado 😂 … love a random animal fact!

byeeeee 😎 #tdil


i genuinely had no idea that this was something humans actually knew about 🙂 i’m glad i got to share it with you! if you want some more random stuff, just go ->here<-

(there aren’t any pictures of shark special times that i can use #invasionofprivacy … so, i’ve settled for a picture of a lemon shark 😬 license ->here<- … random fact: i once accidentally swam with a lemon shark!)

today i learned – tues 12th sept 2017

apple fanboys like myself will no doubt have just enjoyed the ultimate geek fest 🤓 courtesy of the apple dudes standing on stage and telling us how awesome they are 🙃.

now, whilst i can’t afford an iphone x 😭😭 i thought it only right to have an apple fact today, in honour of their awesome event and products!

#tdil that the first ‘proper’ phone call on the original iphone was a prank call! 📱 Continue reading “today i learned – tues 12th sept 2017”

today i learned – mon 11th sept 2017

today’s little fact is technically not a ‘today i learned’ 😅, it’s more of a ‘today i remembered’ … even so, i’m going to count it as valid ✔️ (it’s my blog ain’t it … so, you know 💁🏼).

anyway, it came about after a family debate and i decided to learn more (in an effort to win at said debate and to learn something #winwin ✌🏻.

#tdil that plants don’t produce oxygen at night … they take it in whilst producing carbon dioxide 🌻 #flipbackreverse Continue reading “today i learned – mon 11th sept 2017”

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