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oh hey! welcome to my blog :). it’s basically a wonderful world of random facts, generally useless drivel and the odd genius bit of info. think old school karl pilkington facts with more actual facts.

i start every post with #tdil … in my head it means: today i learned 🙂 … go ahead, use it for yourself 🙂 (p.s – i do know how to use capital letters … i’ve just decided not to use them #becauserebel :D)

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today i learned – weds 15th nov 2017

after yesterday’s fact about singapore, we’re remaining in the far east 😬 this time, however, we’re heading to my favourite country – japan 🇯🇵

(this is a fact about japan … expect a bit of madness, a splash of crazy and a sploosh of weird 👍🏻 … strap in people)

#tdil there is a village in japan that has been almost taken over by dolls 😳 (i did warn you about the sploosh of weird 😅).

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today i learned – sun 12th nov 2017

it’s remembrance sunday! so i hope that you’re all going to be observing a one minute silence (if you didn’t yesterday!) … did an armistice day fact yesterday, so go read it ->here<-

anyway, on to today – one of the best things about this blog is the surprising things that you find out! today’s fact falls into the category! 🤔

#tdil that the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is actually lego! 😳

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